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Cloud Services

Cloud Services describes professional services that support the selection, deployment and ongoing management of various cloud-based resources to help customers adopt a cloud-based technology structure. It’s all about maximising your cloud environment and making it more transparent for you to licence a full range of products while focusing on the core of the business rather than resources.

Our Services

Kingsfield are able to support you during every step of your Cloud journey and have devised a tailored programme to support your business and accelerate your growth. We offer services including Cloud Strategy, Cloud Migration from Legacy systems, Cloud Solution Development and Cloud Management. Our Cloud Implementation services include IT Service Management, IT Operations Management, Salesforce Automation, Social Monitoring, Service Management, Operation Analytics, CRM+, and e-Commerce using the leading industry cloud technologies.

Cyber Security

Key Benefits of Cloud

Support from of a wide range of enterprise-grade apps

It creates flexibility and reliability

Offers effective support

Ease of use creates an increase in productivity levels

Protect data traffic using a controlled data environment

It reduces costs

Meets compliance requirements of GDPR

Achieve unified communication

Go Virtual

Go completely virtual with virtual servers, switches and secure access. For example, Data Centers are designed to provide the utmost performance, use redundant data paths and use HVAC systems that independently source multiple paths. Moreover, using a cloud network enables both the host and the network to work in unison, providing power to the UC systems. Furthermore, it is designed to support multiple server hardware using a multi-path. Using cloud storage allows you to have a backup of data a few times per hour. That way, information is never lost as it is constantly being updated. Lastly, using compute virtualisation ensures a 100% maintained virtual environment, which provides dynamic ways to organise resources.

Cloud Portal






Cloud Voice

Cloud Voice is a virtual phone system hosted in the cloud that is making business communication more flexible. It is the most powerful and personal part of your business as it engages and reassures customers, suppliers, investors, employees and it does not need an office-based system to get the latest features. Whatever you need, whether you’re using an IP phone system or setting up a secure data centre, Kingsfield can help you move to the cloud. Making you take more control of your business by new features, functionality and affordable access. It brings instant messaging, VoIP, conferencing and mobility all together in the workplace, which is what every organisation should strive for.

Cloud Phone Devices

Key Benefits of Cloud Voice

Latest Software

Over 100 Features

Automatic Updates

No Hardware to Maintain

Care Packages

Adapt to Meet your Needs

Why Switch to Cloud Services In The Workplace?

Cloud services in the workplace is becoming more popular every day. Why? There are no upfront costs for on-premises kit; installation and setup is quick and easy. Moreover, the latest version is always used. By switching to the cloud, your institution can save money as the existing desktop applications will be available on the cloud, on-site support is reduced in costs, your software is always up-to-date and you’ll have the flexibility to keep up with changes. Furthermore, it gives better collaboration as employees/colleagues can work together safely.

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