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Using communication to deliver quality care

As Trusts take bold steps to reimagine staff and patient experiences, technology will be a key factor in achieving transformational goals.

8×8 provides a unique combination of leading technology, a proven deployment methodology and partnership that brings industry-specific best practices and expertise to the relationship. Here’s how we’ll work with you to map out and execute your digital transformation journey via cloud communications.

Patient Experience

80% of healthcare workers believe that everyone in the organisation is responsible for
the patient experience.¹

Digital Transformation

Delivering better patient experiences is the main driver for digital transformation in healthcare organisations for 58% of workers.¹

Current Systems

Only 54% of healthcare workers believe current communications systems allow for excellent patient experiences.¹

Physician using an iPhone.

Meet X Series

8×8 X Series is a suite of persona-specific user plans that allows institutions to tailor solutions to suit their needs. 8×8’s extensive experience with NHS Trusts ensures a risk free transition that leverages a deployment methodology based on industry specific knowledge and expertise.

The result is a communications capability that empowers your staff to transform the relationship with patients and create a high quality integrated care system.


Tech alone doesn’t ensure success. A proven deployment methodology and partner with in depth industry experience are required to ensure an implementation and transition that addresses the nuance and complexity of your organisation.

Pharmacist wearing medical gloves using an iPhone.

Patient Experience

Patient experience analytics empowers contact centre managers with actionable insight into patient experience patterns and trends, and reveals step-by-step details of patient journeys and post-call survey results. Trusts gain an outside-in view of the contact centre by easily running targeted searches of all interactions, highlighting instances
where targeted metrics are not met.

Check out this fantastic video that explores everything you need to know about analysing patient data.

1. Health and Care: Balancing the Generational Divide, https://view.highspot.com/viewer/624ed67c9181e2c5c8d7d373?iid=61f7fe9a3eb37a1af9f6d9ac

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