Pay as low as £132.82 per month when you spend £5,000
(Total Payable: £4,781.52)

Pay as low as £264.14 per month when you spend £10,000
(Total Payable: £9,509.04)

Pay as low as £1,303.97 per month when you spend £50,000
(Total Payable: £46,942.92)

*Note: By utilising an Operating Lease as the above examples demonstrate, the sum of the rental payments equates to less than the capital value of the equipment supplied. The above examples assume that the equipment to be leased is IT hardware and the lease term is 36 months. For leasing options on Non IT hardware, please call to discuss. All quotes are subject to status and satisfactory credit clearance. The quotation above is valid for 30 days. Errors and omissions excepted. All figures exclude VAT payable at the rate in force when due for payment. Full terms and conditions are available on request.

Why Leasing?

Whether you are a multinational corporation, a medium-size firm or Public Sector, by opting for our customised financing solutions, you can avoid costly purchases and can keep your IT infrastructure up to date. You also benefit from greater cost transparency and planning certainty and ensure that you can respond flexibly to future requirements. Our plans include actionable analytics and insights plus proactive management to improve end-user productivity and IT efficiency. You have the ability to tailor your plans to a wide variety of devices to achieve all of your long-term goals.

Lower total cost of ownership

Be creative with your budget

Effective cost management

More Flexibility

A full range of services for your IT infrastructure

Easily plan your equipment replacement requirements

Ensure the best working environment possible

Lower maintenance costs


Cross-Border Service

Free up Liquidity

Increase your bargaining power

Stay up-to-date with all the latest technology and trends

Effective route to cut costs, improve capital and raise budgets

Lifecycle Model


To get things started, we will begin with thoroughly analysing your projects/working environment and provide you with a trustworthy consultation. This will lead to the creation of customised solutions. Furthermore, we will personally take care of the procurement process.


The next phase is focused on achieving efficient productivity. We will provide detailed advice on all technical and commercial matters, including the deployment of software, hardware and configuration, rollout a financial management scheme and offer 8/5 support, data security and asset care.


Moreover, Kingsfield will continue our services to certified data erasure, protecting your data and keeping in line with GDPR disposal.

Why Refurbished Products?

Kingsfield offer refurbished products from a wide range of manufacturers, where you could be saving money on your IT equipment. They’re affordable, reliable and good as new with 1-3-5 years warranty!

We know that constantly buying or upgrading your IT equipment can be extremely expensive, but why not invest in refurbished products?

Cheaper and easier to maintain

Maintain compatibility

Save on software licensing

Upgrade more frequently at a lower cost

Reduce loss

Up to 5 years warranty

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