The latest AV technology

The world of visual communication is changing by making projection brighter, bolder and more creative. The quality of technology and design adds unbelievable power to any kind of presentation.

Whether you’re deploy AV in your office, hospital, school, or gallery – you can rely on a level of 4K quality and consistency as they are built to excel in challenging environments. The availability of flexibility and reliability enables you to have the creative freedom to entertain and inspire while meeting the needs of your budget.

Projection In The Workplace

Enhance engagement through flexibility and interactivity, by creating a productive environment that meets the expectations of today’s employees. Kingsfield are able to offer interactive solutions that make it easy to display and edit a wide range of content by using touch or multi-pen interactivity.

It enables your team to come together to write, draw and add comments directly onto the screen, as well as saving and sharing collaborative work. Advanced interactive presentation solutions also support split-screen capabilities and ultra-wide multi-screen interactivity, which encourages imagination and help your employees unlock greater creativity.

Large Displays

Single displays are ideal for small and medium size meeting rooms, as they can provide high quality visuals, and impactful audio – all in a small form factor. For larger rooms, multiple displays can be linked together to ensure that everyone in the room can see the content of the screen with clarity.

Conference Rooms &
Hybrid Meeting Spaces

Using a combination of audio/visual products, Kingsfield can work with your organisation to create incredible conferencing and hybrid meeting solutions – helping your onsite teams to connect to your remote teams.

Our solutions are designed with ease of use in mind, which includes ensuring that we design your solution to be compatible with your preferred hybrid platforms, such as Teams, Hangouts, or Zoom.

Our Services

Kingsfield can offer you the power to project images that bring the audio/visual experience to life. We offer support, installation, warranty, consultation, training, replacements, on-site maintenance and advice for all your organisation’s audio and visual needs.

Why upgrade your existing AV?

AV has become brighter, bolder more versatile, and more creative.
This is due to enhanced technology, heat resistance, three-chip solid-state optical engine and excellent durability.

360 Degree Installation

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HD Camera

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