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Kingsfield can offer Automatic Identification and data Capture and POS solutions to better your business transactions. With the latest POS technological resources, we can help you customise solutions to better fit your needs, improve payment transactions and enhance efficiency. Whether you’re looking for barcode printers, scanners, touchscreens, POS systems or mobile data terminals, Kingsfield is your one-stop-shop for all IT products. We can handle any request, See below for the solutions we offer:






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Barcode Systems For Data Efficiency

Find and build better barcode scanning systems for efficient data collection storage that boasts cutting edge technology. Kingsfield are able to meet your unique data collection needs in any environment. See below for the benefits of barcodes:

Eliminates human errors by storing information.

Versatile, fast and reliable as you can obtain data quickly.

It reduces training time as staff don’t need to be fully trained.

Inexpensive for printing and design.

Control and Track Inventory and delivery

Proof of pick-up and delivery

Accurate data reates better decision making

Improve overall customer satisfaction, resulting in positive business PR

Barcodes And Healthcare

Barcode reading solutions can be integrated into all areas of the healthcare environment, from the receiving area of a hospital to patient administration, to a patient’s bedside. Kingsfield can offer solutions that are built to withstand the extensive cleaning environments of healthcare and can be quickly configured to work with both enterprise and proprietary Health Information Systems.


Barcodes And Government

Barcode readers are used in many forms in law enforcement and government communities to gather information efficiently and effectively. For instance, to discover identity, crash reports, asset tracking, licences and much more. Due to this, they are built to deliver rapid speed, accurate decoding and have a high reading range.

Barcodes And Manufacturing

Barcode reading solutions in manufacturing are purposely built to span every aspect of your operation: plant floor, field operations and warehouse environments. This ensures that the customers’ demands are met. Working in all these areas requires knowledge and agility, meeting high expectations, being well-connected and taking responsibility. Kingsfield can offer you the relevant solutions to be able to track-trace, optimise every process, asset and resource with pinpoint, end-to-end accuracy and improve customer satisfaction with a reasonable cost.


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