IT Infrastructure

Kingsfield can help your organisation cross the border to success, by minimising costs and enhancing benefits. To increase the overall efficiency of the organisation’s operating components; the infrastructure management in areas such as cloud, security, IT, networks, server, application, data and people is given prime importance. We can help you take the innovative approach to infrastructure management based on software-defined intelligence. As a result, you will begin to notice an increase in productivity by having unlimited integrations and simplify operations by providing a dashboard to view the health of your servers.

Server Management

By having an agile infrastructure management system, you will accelerate time to service, value of service and quality of service. However, a complex infrastructure slows down responses for business needs. Overcoming this issue, by lowering cost and keeping all systems running, results in a new server management system that delivers automation, simplicity, and security. For example, the featuring server management products can be seen below:

Server Management
Infrastructure Health Monitoring
Mobile Management
Amplifier Packs
Server Interface Configuration
Backup and Disaster Recovery
Multiple Solutions

Storage Management

With Kingsfield, you will be able to control storage, computer and networking resources as well as data services across physical and virtual domains. All your hardware management limitations can now be limitless. For instance, you will be able to have storage for any application type, have software-defined intelligence and unified management. Storage control has never been easier! With storage control in your virtual environments, you can install, configure, provision and monitor software-defined storage in minutes.

Enterprise Security

Monitoring Software

Cloud Management

Operation Management

Application Management

Enterprise Security

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