What is Alluvio?

Alluvio is a software that specialises in developing IT support systems, to increase reliability and empower staff across all levels.
Young nurse answering phone call while working on desktop computer.

IT Management

Streamlining Efficiency Within Your Organisation

Alluvio allows all members of staff to troubleshoot & solve problems without escalating to IT services, eliminating time lost to ticketing systems and involving multiple departments.

Concentrated doctor using desktop computer.

Data Collection

Utilise Extensive Insights Within Your Organisation

Alluvio uses a full-fidelity data profile to create insights based on the analysis of user experience in quantitative & qualitative data.

This system captures every transaction, packet & flow; data that allows staff of any level to troubleshoot and fix issues quickly and reliably.

Doctors discussing test results on desk with laptop.

AI/ML Technology

Free Up Time & Resources

Alluvio frees up resources by alleviating pressure on IT teams, as well as problem-proofing devices to make tech even more reliable.

This application responds to the ever-increasing complexity of technology, by using AI/ML to automate and replicate solutions, solving problem faster and freeing up time.

Why Riverbed?

Enhancing Healthcare with Alluvio

58% of Organisations Lose Visibility Into The Digital Service Delivery Chain After IT Modernisation Projects*

*DEJ Observability Study, March 2022

This software has much to offer across all industries, however, we recognise that it can be beneficial to healthcare providers. Due to digital transformation in healthcare, professionals in the industry rely on technology to treat patients effectively.

This means that even with the best hardware, a technical issue can be detrimental, which is why devices should be protected with the best software to allow users to troubleshoot and solve problems without wasting time.

Learn more about Alluvio & what Riverbed can do for you.

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