Kingsfield works with distinguished vendors to ensure that you are protected from risks that stem from external cyber threats, identity and more.

Infrastructure, Servers & Storage

We can help you take the innovative approach to infrastructure management based on software-defined intelligence.

Software Licensing

Kingsfield IT have a very strong working relationships with all major vendors which allows us to offer you access to the latest software.

Data Capture and POS

Kingsfield can offer latest Automatic Identification, Data Capture and POS solutions to better your business transactions.

Cloud & VoIP Solutions

Kingsfield offer services including Cloud Strategy, Cloud Migration from Legacy systems, Cloud Solution Development, Cloud Management, and much more.

AV & Projection

Project images that bring the experience to life. The quality of technology and design adds unbelievable power to any kind of presentation.


Kingsfield can help you keep your business safe and secure for your employees and stored data.

IT Recycling

We can collect and treat your waste, produce evidence and take on the legal responsibility.

Refurbished Products

Save on your IT equipment. The refurbished products we sell are affordable, reliable with warranty!

managed print services

Kingsfield work with a number of Managed Print Service providers, enabling us to give you everything you need to take control. We will ensure to support you with faster print processes with more efficient work flows, whilst cutting down your budget.

Ergonomics & Wellness

Being sat in front of a computer for 8-9 hours a day can do a lot of damage to your body. Kingsfield provides Ergonomic technology solutions that will help you create a healthy work environment that promotes wellness while improving productivity.

Buy IT Products

Visit our IT products website to buy from wide range of products for your business needs.


We are thankful to our valuable customers for their incredible support.

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