IT Professionals for over 25 years.

As experts in the technology industry, we would never leave your organisation without the full technical support it needs. We’re always here for you when you need us. We ensure every element of your technology system works from day one.

Man working on a desktop PC.

Full IT Support

If you feel your organisation would benefit from regular IT maintenance visits, our highly skilled engineers will visit your site as regularly as possible to make sure all IT equipment and software is running smoothly.

We will provide support and maintain virtually every piece of equipment in your company with very few exclusions, so you and your staff can enjoy a smooth-running IT system that always performs at its best.

Tailored Support Options

If your organisation already has its own dedicated technical support team, they could still benefit from a little added support to make sure they’re never overloaded. This is ideal for companies that just need minimal, hands-off support every now and again to help free up time to focus on their other operations.

Technical support team.
Technical support team.

Hardware Support

Should any of your organisation’s Apple devices fail, our technical support team will collect, repair and return your devices, which includes all repair parts and labour.

We will also be able to fix servers or other pieces of hardware on site if required, saving time and getting your organisation back up and running as soon as possible.

How Can Kingsfield Support Your Organisation?

Kingsfield work with high profile vendors to give you the right package around all your solutions and compliance. For example, we can provide and build advanced security operations to center and revitalise your governance.

Risk Analysis and Compliance

Monitor Endpoints

Implementation Support


Access Management

Fraud Prevention

Data Privacy

Data Protection

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